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15th Feb 2008
Price Waterhouse Coopers carried out an expenditure review of the Irish Marine Emergency Service (Now called the Irish Coast Guard).
Deloitte & Touche completed a report on the Irish Coast Guard.
- They recommended a two-centre operation.
- They said that the governments policy of decentralisation and regional development should be taken into account when making any decisions regarding the location of these centres.
A decision was taken by Minister Dermot Ahern to close MRCC Dublin and to upgrade Malin Head and Valentia Coast guard centres. - Coast Guard Management were asked to draw up plans on what was required for this two centre operation.
As part of decentralisation a decision was taken to move Coast Guard and Maritime safety staff from Dublin to Drogheda.          This plan was initially not to include MRCC Dublin).
Staff were advised by the then Assistant Secetary that proposals for upgrading Malin Head and Valentia were to be finalised in mid 2005 and expected to be in operation by mid 2007.
Coast Guard management advised staff that the Minister of Transport, Mr Noel Dempsey T.D. had decided that both the Marine Rescue centres at Malin Head and Valentia were to be closed as rescue centres and that two new centres were to be set up, one in Drogheda and the other somewhere on the west coast.
Hundreds attended a public meeting in Malin Head in support for the station.
'Submission to the minister on future Coordination Centre Structure' was released.
A delegation from Inishowen met Minister Dempsey and gave a response to this submission. They argued the case to keep Malin Head Rescue centre open.
27th Feb 2008
March 2008
May 2008
A delegation from Inishowen met Minister Dempsey and were informed that the no final decision had been taken yet..

28th May: Staff were informed by the Secretary General, Julie O'Neill the following:

- A decision was taken at a government meeting to relocate a different section of the department of transport to Drogheda as part of
the decentralisation process. As a result of this the OPW have agreed to seek a permanent location in the Dublin area for all Maritime
Safety functions currently located in Leeson Lane (This is to include the dublin marine rescue centre).
2nd July 2008
The 'Joint committee on transport' held a discussion on the marine rescue centres. Click to view transcript on the debate.
2nd December 2008
Press release:
The Minister of State for Transport, Noel Ahern T.D. today announced that the Government, having considered the matter fully and
taken into account the various views expressed has decided to retain the present configuration for the delivery of Marine Rescue Co-
ordination. This is based on a Marine Rescue center in Dublin and two Rescue Sub Centres at Malin Head and Valentia.

The need to urgently upgrade the existing equipment has been recognised and the purchase of three Integrated Communication
System (ICS) cores at a cost of approx 2.5 million euro has been approved. One will be located at each centre. Tendering
procedures for the necessary radio equipment is at an advanced stage and delivery and installation of the first Integrated
Communication System (ICS) core in Dublin will be in late 2009 with work at Malin and Valentia to commence in 2010. This phasing
ensures that full national coverage is maintained while development work takes place. Each ICS core will be linked to a range of

Coast Guard remote aerial sites which will ensure the capacity to retain full national coverage should on of the centres go offline.
This decision means that the capacity and flexibility of the national maritime and rescue communications system will be considerably
enhanced. The Minister commented that this represents a significant step in the ongoing development of maritime safety services in
Ireland which will continue in the years ahead.
Update - 1st July 2010
January 2011
Staff have been advised that works in installing new equipment into existing operations room is to commence sometime in Q2 of
2011. This will in involve installing new ICS equipment into the existing operations room giving 4 operations positions.
We were later told word was to commence quarter 4.

March 2012
Coast Guard Management have told staff that upgrade work on the existing Operations room at Malin Head Coast Guard is to
commence the start of April
This will involve clearing out the existing room and installing the new equipment (already purchased). Staff have been advised the
timeframe for this will be 3 to 4 months.
8th March 2011: Coast Guard Management have advised staff that work will now commence 1st May 2012 and the work will take
between 12 to 14 weeks.
Coast Guard Management informed staff that an number of sites for a new centre were been looked at in the Shannon area.
5th July 2012
Minister Varadkar announces Action Plan to address concerns over Maritime Transport & Marine Emergency Response
The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport is today (Thursday) publishing two reports conducted by Fisher Consultants which
identify a number of key issues which need to be addressed in Ireland’s maritime transport sector and marine emergency response
Minister of Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar is setting up a Departmental team to consider the matters raised in the reports
and prepare an Action Plan in consultation with the Minister. This Action Plan will be presented to Government in October.
One of the main recommendations was that the number of rescue centres is reduced from three to two and that Malin Head Coast
Guard be closed.
We are appealing to all communities who are or have been in any way associated with the marine rescue services, to lend their
support and make representation to their local TD’s to ask the Minister to reject this recommendation and to keep the Marine
Rescue centre at Malin Head open!
Thank you for your support. - Support Malin Head Coast Guard Radio
August 2012
Malin Head operations room upgrade work completed
6th September 2012
Blessing and official reopening celebrations of upgraded operations room
5th October 2012
Public meeting Friday in Malin Head Community Centre.
24th October 2012
Oireachtas transport public accounts committee meeting: - 1. Morning meeting , 2. Afternoon meeting
28th November
Minister Varadkar announces that Malin Head & Valentia are to be retained
April 2012 - Work commenced on upgrading the operation room and is due to be completed in Mid-August 2012
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